The Ritual That
Brings Results.

Staying true to ancient sauna traditions, we have developed #theHPXregimen, an experience that will leave you feeling restored and set you on a journey to your best personal health and wellness.

Heatpraxia Sauna Session
Our Recommended Praxia
Silver Lake Sauna

01. Sauna

We recommend 15 minutes of heat therapy in the sauna of your choice, followed by a 5- or 10-minute cool down in front of the infrared therapy. Then back to the sauna for another 15. Exit, towel off, cool down, freshen up, and move into the chill zone.

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Heatpraxia Contrast Therapy

02. Contrast Therapy

Enjoy the added health benefits of an ice plunge in combination with sauna therapy: fifteen minutes in the heat, then 2 minutes in the ice plunge tub. Repeat the cycle twice through, focusing on your breath work during the plunge.